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The Kansas Department of Corrections is currently engaged in a multi-year project to modernize data systems. During this transition, information on KASPER for persons on community corrections probation supervision cannot be displayed for events occurring after April 21, 2021. For current data, please contact the specific community corrections agency providing supervision for the person you are searching.

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The dates of the digital images displayed for Community Corrections offenders represent the dates these images were recorded in our database. These dates may not be the actual dates the digital images were taken. Digital images of inmates could also reflect dates that are not precisely the dates when these images were taken.

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Anyone with information regarding any person listed as a parole absconder, any other person listed on KASPER website, or any other criminal activity, is encouraged to contact their local law enforcement authorities or the KDOC Enforcement, Apprehensions, and Investigations Unit at 785-414-7755