STRUZIK, GREGORY   (KDOC# 0066318) This information is current as of: May 27 2015 5:00AM


Name Type Name


Birthdate Type Birthdate Age
True Dec 07, 1972 42


Eye Color Hair Color Height Weight Gender Race
Blue Blond or Strawberry 6'-0" 204 Male White
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Current Status reported by Dept. of Corrections

Work or Program Participation Work Release
Earliest Possible Release Date (1) Jun 01, 2015
Current Status Incarcerated
Admission Date Apr 29, 1998
Current Location (2) Wichita-Work Release Center
Custody Level Minimum
(1) This date could be affected by a parole board decision or good time and/or program credit.
(2) Click on Location for the Facility web site.


County Case Number (I) Offense Date Sentencing Date ACS Criminal Conviction Description Counts Crime Severity Level Case Status (II) State
Ford 96CR762 Jun 26, 1996 Mar 06, 1998 N/A Murder in the First Degree 1 Off Grid Active KS
(I) If Number includes  JV  : Extended juvenile jurisdiction adjudications with adult prison sentences stayed, then imposed.
(II) If Status includes * : Denotes Active for Post Release Supervision Only.

KDOC Physical Location History(s)

Location Movement Date Movement Reason
Wichita-Work Release Center Jun 05, 2014 Inter-Facility Movement
Lansing CF-East Apr 21, 2014 Inter-Facility Movement
Lansing CF-Central Jan 30, 2007 Inter-Facility Movement
Norton CF-Central Feb 07, 2006 Inter-Facility Movement
Hutchinson CF-Central Feb 06, 2006 Inter-Facility Movement
Hutchinson CF-East May 08, 2002 Inter-Facility Movement
Hutchinson CF-Central May 05, 2002 Inter-Facility Movement
Hutchinson CF-East Dec 10, 2001 Inter-Facility Movement
Hutchinson CF-Central May 11, 1998 Inter-Facility Movement
Topeka CF-RDU Apr 29, 1998 New Court Commitment

KDOC Disciplinary Report(s) since January 1996

Date Class Location Type of report
Dec 22, 2004 3 Hutchinson Correctional Facility - East Radios,TV Musical Instr. Other
Apr 14, 2004 2 Hutchinson Correctional Fac. - Central Unauthorized Dealing or Trade
Mar 13, 2003 2 Hutchinson Correctional Facility - East Violation of Published Orders